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[ banner top] MissionControl: Mars Voyage
All supplies including: Fuel, payload, personnel, will be sent into space by means of a Space elevator to a space dock and loaded on a shuttle waiting in low orbit.

The shuttle will transport everything to the space station waiting in geosynchronous orbit. After the shuttle has fully loaded the transport vehicle, it's job is done and will land on a parking platform in geosynchronous orbit where it will wait until the transport vehicle returns.

The steps listed above will be duplicated at both ends of the trip. One will be in orbit around Earth and the other will be in orbit around Mars.

The space station is a mobile space transport unit based on the space station designed by von Braun in the 1950's and later featured in the movie: Space Odessey 2001.

This version of space station is designed as a full transport vehicle for the voyage between Earth and Mars. The transport vehicle will act as a space barge. The space station will be mounted on the front end of the barge and will rotate independently of the barge. The barge section is comprised of a rocket booster in which payload modules can be mounted along it's exterior frame.

When the space station / barge is fully loaded, the transport vehicle will then be ready for the trip to Mars, while the crew of 200 will make the voyage in full gravity.

The gravitational force is controlled by the rotational speed of the von Braun section. While the ship is in interplanetary transition, the rotational speed can be adjusted to emulate the gravitational force of the destination planet you are traveling to. This will allow landing crew to be fully acclimated to the landing site...

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