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Mars Climate:
The current climate on Mars is very cold and has a thin atmosphere that is 0.6% of Earth. Get out you space suits, the average temperature is -81 degrees F. Space suits are required to move about on the surface of Mars.

Mars/Earth Facts
Mars has twice the gravity of Earth's moon. What is escape velocity? The escape velocity of Mars is 45% the speed of Earth's escape velocity or 5.02 km/s. ( 14.4 f/s ) One Mars day is equal to 24 hours 40 minutes of Earth time.

It takes a long time to make the trip to Mars. Would be nice if you could make the trip with a full support team. We should start thinking of transport ships that can handle crews of more than 10 astronauts at a time. How about going on that trip with one or two hundred people at a time. The space station depicted below could be converted to a mobile transport vehicle instead of just an orbital platform. If a large booster section was attached along the center axis covered with an external skeletal frame, this booster section would also double as a barge.

Mars is at least 6 to 8 months away from Earth. You could make the entire trip to Mars in full gravity with a crew large enough to handle any problems that might arise. If you have any medical problems that need emergency action, you can afford to have 5 or 10 dedicated medical staff members along for the full trip.

This space station was originally inspired by von Braun's designs in 1952.

Adding additional rings would allow this system to accommodate crews of between 100 and 500.

Adding a rocket booster / barge section connected along the axis of the station pictured above will turn this into a fully functional system for conveying crew and cargo between the planets. The habitation rings would rotate at a rate to simulate the gravity of the destination planet.

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